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Welcome to~~


Here are some things to start you off:

What is IchiKei?: "IchiKei" is the shortened way to say Ichigo/Keigo, as in the lovely relationship between Kurosaki Ichigo and Asano Keigo~ *A*/)

No, I meant the community, retard.: Oh. Well, this here is a place for all fans of IchiKei to post their fanart, fanfiction, icons, graphics... pretty much anything pertaining to IchiKei is welcome here!

Is membership open?: AS OPEN AS EVER

Why IchiKei?: Well, let's see. It was a really selfish thing of me, actually. TAT I am a very big fan of IchiKei ( WHY AREN'T THERE MORE OF YOU?! ) and I had noticed that... ... there was next-to-nothing in the form of fanart, fanfiction.. anything!! The reason behind that appears to be because not many people seem to love Keigo too much! I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT! Anyway, after much debating ( read: rping for a few nights ), I decided to be spastic and MAKE A COMMUNITY~! The end~

Ok, ass, what are the rules?: So glad you asked~!

As I'm certain you're all now bored with my lovely conversation with myself, here are the rules.


1: Be civil to one another. If you start some form a flamewar ( i.e.: making fun of someone's drawing repeatedly ), you will be given one warning. After that, you're gone, budday. D: If you're having a problem with someone in the community, do NOT take it upon yourself to start a fight. Inform a mod and it will be dealt with.

2: Keep an open mind! As fans of IchiKei, that should be second-nature, given how... off-the-wall most people find this pair. But, regardless, if someone has a certain view on a topic, try to keep an open mind and, relating to the first rule, respect them for their opinion!

3: Any images over 120x120 must go under an lj-cut. If you don't know how to make an lj-cut, please consult this link. Icon posts are limit to three without an lj-cut and the remainder must go behind an lj-cut.

4: To go along with #3, any images that are in any way adult in nature ABSOLUTELY MUST go under an lj-cut and include a warning ( NC-17, NWS, etc ). As long as the poster makes sure to include these warnings, I am NOT responsible if you are, for example, caught reading/looking at something questionable at work/school/home and get in trouble. Read the warnings beforehand! If you want to link back your journal, feel free but STILL post all warnings!

5: Fanfiction must also go under an lj-cut. To make it easier, post with a format similar to this:

If you want to link back to your journal, make sure you STILL post a variation of the above format so that people know what you are posting.

6: Keep it ON TOPIC. That is, do NOT post fanart/fanfiction/etc. of other pairs IF they are the main pair in the piece. Side-pairs are OK, but IchiKei MUST be the main pair. Discussion MUST be BLEACH-related and have SOMETHING to do with Ichigo or Keigo ( preferably both ). If a discussion is started, please refer to rules 1&2. :)

7: If you wish to advertise your own community, feel free! Just keep all images over 120x120 under an lj-cut and make sure your community has something to do with the BLEACH series, at least, before you advertise it here. Also, try not to advertise your 53495743 communites at various times of the day. If advertising gets out of hand, I'll forbid it for a period of time. Be considerate!

8: READ ALL THE RULES? Grand! You can introduce yourself at any time you want, but as a courtesy, not too lengthy ( like 439054305 on your life or something ). Oh, wait. There was one more rule... ( HURRR )

9: HAVE FUN~!! POST MUCH ICHIKEI-GOODNESS!! If you advertise for us... ... I will love you so much. ;_; Um.. I'll make you an icon? LOL I dunno'. ;_; I will be ever-so-grateful~~

That's all for the rules!


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If you would like to affiliate, please leave us a comment here~!


ash armadas CREATOR~~~ Feel free to email me at diabeetus [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any problems or questions!


IchiKei is spazzing strawberry love

That's it, I believe! POST AWAY, LOVELIES~